Volvo S90 T8 Test Drive | Volvo Cars Waterford

Last week, sales manager in Volvo Cars Waterford, Pat Murphy, went for a test drive with local Waterford broadcaster, Geoff Harris in a 182 Volvo S90 T8. The S90 T8, which is the 1st in hybrid technology with Volvo is a plug-in electric hybrid, and comes with a 320 Brake Horse Power (BHP). It is equipped with a 2 litre petrol engine, combined with an 87 BHP electric engine. So, when you put it into Performance Mode, it can pump out out 407 BHP, if you so wish.

Watch the video to appreciate the full features of this Volvo car, including Electric Engine, Pilot Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist.

According to our sales manager, Pat Murphy: “Semi autonomous driving is a real thing with Volvo. It’s a safety feature and supposed to guide you.”

This is the first Volvo S90 T8 that is registered in Ireland at the moment, and we currently have it on loan from Volvo Car Ireland. If you are interested in this particular model, or any other Volvo model, do not hesitate in booking your test drive with. Call 051-337900 for more information. Alternatively, click this link:

  • Big thanks to WLR FM for recording an producing this fantastic video.

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